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Staff Development

Staff welfare is one of Luk Ka’s major concerns because a company’s success largely depends on the people who work there.  A desirable working environment is essential to bringing out the best in the employees, who would in turn provide better services to the clients.  Therefore, Luk Ka always provides its staff with a clean and tidy working environment, furnished with well-equipped facilities, spacious and comfortable offices and meeting rooms, so people can work in a calm, efficient and safe environment.  Likewise, the production plant is kept in an orderly fashion to ensure a reliable and professional production environment, which is a prerequisite in guaranteeing high product quality and productivity.

Apart from a pleasant working environment, Luk Ka is also concerned about employees’ well-being as individuals.  In 1997, a well-facilitated accommodation complex with a capacity for 4,000 people was built, completed with a scenic park “Guan Yin Shan” featuring spectacular greenery, a golf driving range and a number of multi-function recreation rooms for staff’s enjoyment during their free time.  The enjoyable living conditions allow staff to refresh after work and have created among them a sense of belonging and strong incentive to perform better at work.