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A Talent Pool

All successful corporations in the world would agree that “people” is their greatest asset.  Having the right minds at the core of the business gives the company a definitive competitive edge leading to success.  This is also the belief Luk Ka upholds.  From the beginning Luk Ka understands how crucial “people” is to the well-being of the company, therefore it spares no effort in recruiting the right managerial and technological professionals and in cultivating new blood for the company.

Progressive technology and sophisticated machineries would be wasted if they are not operated by properly trained staff who knows how to optimize their benefits.  Therefore, staff training is always the top priority at Luk Ka in view of business development.  To enhance staff quality, Luk Ka has adopted a learning model to help construct and refine its staff training system, and implemented a series of re-education and quality improvement programmes.  In 2005, Luk Ka invested US$20 million in establishing Luk Ka (Zhuzhou) Printing Technology Ltd, and collaborated with Hunan University of Technology to offer training opportunities for its graduates.  The company also organises recruitment activities from time to time to attract high calibre candidates to join the corporation.