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Diversified Development

After 40 years of dynamic development, Luk Ka has successfully established a strong foundation on solid grounds and secured its world-class market leadership position in the industry.  Yet, this does not stop the corporation from moving forward and making progressive changes to develop the packaging industry in China and around the world.

The corporation has already laid out its long-term objectives for the future.  The first priority is to further enhance the standard and productivity of its three core businesses: offset printing, corrugated box manufacturing and premium paper products production.  To achieve this goal, Luk Ka will continue to install advanced facilities, implement international quality management system, and upgrade its overall production management.  The company believes these measures could contribute to the diversification of its business, strengthen its existing market position and widen its clientele.  

Following the rapid economic development and enormous industrial growth in China, the domestic demand for premium paper products has grown tremendously. This immense market will be a major area of Luk Ka's development in the near future. With years of experience in strategic investment and manufacturing in China, Luk Ka certainly has a leading edge in developing the mainland market. Since 2000, Luk Ka has been actively engaged in exploring local markets and undertaken various strategic investments in China, including the set up of Gloriwin Packaging (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.; establishment of a joint-venture Qingdao Jialong Paper Packaging Co. Ltd. in Shandong in 2002; investment on a large-scale, multi-functional China South International Industrial Materials City in 2003; a sole investment on Luk Ka (Zhuzhou) Printing Technology Limited in Zhuzhou, Hunan in 2004; and investment in Huizhou, Guangdong in 2006. Moreover, from 2008 to 2010, investments made on the China South City have covered Heyuan, Nanchang, Nanning and Xian; whereas for the China East City (i.e. China East International Trendy Materials City) investments have covered Lianyun Port in Jiangsu.

In 2010, the long-planned Shenzhen International Creative Printing Technologies & Cultural Centre envisioned by Chairman Ma Wai Mo is to take off. The Centre will serve as a platform for players of the cultural, innovative and printing industries to demonstrate, educate and research on new printing opportunities.  It will also provide one-stop professional service so buyers and creative talents could oversee the entire production process under one roof.

In the future, Luk Ka will continue to strive for excellence and welcome challenges with the same courageous spirit that has sustained the company through 40 years of good times and bad times.  The corporation also looks forward to even greater accomplishments and development in the printing and packaging industry in China and on a global level.